(Engineering Bulletin #/web974)

For production environments, users will find it helpful to make an assembly arbor of steel which will fit over the machined ballscrew on one end and fit into the shipping arbor on the other end. Use of such an arbor reduces the possibility of losing bearing balls during transfer. For a limited number of transfers, the shipping arbor may be used in place of a steel arbor. In this case, skip steps 2 and 3 below.

  1. Remove cable tie from ballnut assembly. Note, if the arbor is allowed to slip out of the nut, some or all of the balls will be lost.
  2. Insert the transfer mandrel into the cardboard shipping arbor.
  3. Slide ballnut onto the transfer mandrel. Be certain that the mandrel and shipping arbor remain firmly butted together.
  4. Slide the transfer mandrel over the turned journal on the ballscrew shaft.
  5. Slide the ball nut down the mandrel until it butts against the ballscrew threads. Turn the ballnut gently until it engages the ballscrew thread. Continue turning the nut until it is fully assembled over the ballscrew threads.

Do not force the ballnut onto the ballscrew shaft. If the ballnut resists a gentle torque, make sure there are not burrs on the partial ballscrew end threads. Burrs must be completely and smoothly removed before the ballnut can be successfully assembled over the ballscrew end.