Screw University

Screw University is your go-to source for education around Roton’s complete line of power transmission screws and nuts. Each category on the left covers a range of topics to build your expertise in the design and application of our screw systems.

We start with the basics, covering thread standards and motions, then introduce the types of screws. With those fundamentals in place, we continue our education with the specifics of screw actions, including speed, backdrive efficiency, end fixity, and more. All this culminates with a deep dive into screw thread identification.

Finally, we apply what we’ve learned with some practical applications in the form of interactive calculators to help you determine the most critical figures in your plans. Be sure to bookmark this page and visit often as we add new topics, resources and more.

If you find yourself needing a little clarification or a refresher, check out the glossary.

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