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  • Ball Screw Wear Life

    Posted August 22, 2019 - Updated Dec 3, 2019

    Wear life of Ball Screws The wear life of Ball Screws is much more predictable than Power Screws due to the large body of research and testing that has been conducted on ball bearings and bearing balls. Assuming that a Ball Screw is a ball bearing arranged with helical inner and outer races, the listed […]

  • Ball Screw – Speed

    Posted August 22, 2019 - Updated Dec 3, 2019

    Speed for Ball Screws Ball velocity in a Ball Screw should not exceed 3,000 rpm x in. (rotational speed (rpm) times the nominal diameter (in.)). For example, a 3/4 x .200 size Ball Screw should be limited to 4,000 rpm (3,000/.750 = 4,000 rpm). For applications requiring speeds beyond 3,000 rpm x in., use a […]

  • Power Screw – Wear Life

    Posted August 22, 2019 - Updated Dec 4, 2019

    Wear Life of Power Screws The wear life of power screws is a function of: Load Speed Lubrication Contamination Heat and other factors. The operating loads listed in the Screw/Nut Engineering section for each screw series provide acceptable wear life for most applications. Wear in a power screw is generally in proportion to usage. Each […]

  • Ball Screws

    Posted August 22, 2019 - Updated Dec 3, 2019

    Ball Screw Basics Ball Screws, first invented in the late 1800s, did not come into widespread use until the 1940s when they were adapted for use in the automotive steering gear. Since that time they have been used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications due to their high efficiency and predictable service life […]

  • Speed for Power Screws

    Posted August 22, 2019 - Updated Dec 4, 2019

    Power Screws, Speed and Efficiency Along with efficiency, speed for power screws is one of the most important considerations when selecting a product. Acme screws are most commonly used at 100 rpm or less, with some applications running in the 300 rpm range. Because of their relatively low efficiency, when faster traverse rates are needed, […]

  • Power Screws Basics & Materials

    Posted August 22, 2019 - Updated Dec 3, 2019

    Power Screws Basics Power screws cover a wide variety of screw series and include Acmes, Hi-leads®, Torqsplines® and other special series (not offered in this catalog but produced for OEM customers) such as Stub Acme, Trapezoidal (“metric Acme”) and Buttress. Regardless of the thread series, an externally threaded screw mates with an internally threaded nut […]

  • Types of Screws

    Posted August 22, 2019 - Updated Dec 12, 2019

    There are two general types of screws used to create motion and power: Power Screws and Ball Screws. Power Screws Power screws are the simplest of these as they have only two main elements, the screw, and the nut. Considerations for application and selection of power screws include: Power screw basics and materials Speed for […]

  • Screw University

    Posted May 31, 2016 - Updated Dec 4, 2019

    Screw University Screw University is your go-to source for education around Roton’s complete line of power transmission screws and nuts. Each category on the left covers a range of topics to build your expertise in the design and application of our screw systems. We start with the basics, covering thread standards and motions, then introduce […]