What are Actuating Screws?

Actuating screws include Acmes, Hi-leads®, Torqsplines®, Ballscrews, Freewheeling Ballscrews and many other special screws such as Stub Acme, 60-degree Stub, Buttress and Square threads. Unified and ISO fastener “Vee” threads should not be used for actuation as their 30° flank angles and finer pitches are designed for fastening and locking down. (See Identifying Screw Threads section for more detailed information on the types and forms of screw threads.)

Usages for Actuating Screws.

Actuating screws provide a compact means for transmitting motion and power. They are ideal for replacing hydraulic and pneumatic drive systems as they require no compressors, pumps, piping, filters, tanks, valves or any other support items required by these systems. Also, screws don’t leak so there are no problems with seals which are so common to hydraulic and pneumatic systems. And, screw systems are quiet running – no noisy compressors, pumps or exhaust valves. Screw systems are simple, reliable and easy to utilize.