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  • Screw Motions

    Posted August 22, 2019 - Updated Dec 3, 2019

    What Are The Basic Screw Motions? Four distinct screw motions produced by actuating screws and nuts may result in motion-converting actions. The two most common involve torque conversion to thrust. In Figure 17, the screw is rotated (torqued) and the nut moves linearly producing thrust or the nut is rotated (torqued) and the screw moves […]

  • Basics of Actuating Screws

    Posted August 22, 2019 - Updated Dec 3, 2019

    What are Actuating Screws? Actuating screws include Acmes, Hi-leads®, Torqsplines®, Ballscrews, Freewheeling Ballscrews and many other special screws such as Stub Acme, 60-degree Stub, Buttress and Square threads. Unified and ISO fastener “Vee” threads should not be used for actuation as their 30° flank angles and finer pitches are designed for fastening and locking down. […]

  • Screw Basics

    Posted August 22, 2019 - Updated Dec 3, 2019

    Screw Basics–The Invention of the First Screw The first practical application of the humble screw thread was developed by Archimedes in the 3rd century B.C. He used a pipe wrapped around a shaft in a helical pattern to make a crude bilge pump for ships Figure 15 & Figure 16. Later Archimedes wrote a mathematical […]