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No, we don’t recommend powdered bronze for power transmission screw threads. The powdered material has low strength which may fail at under moderate or heavy loads. High strength bronze is needed for the attach threads as well as the ACME threads. Bearing PVs for Oilite bronze at moderate speeds are 38,000 PSIFPM versus our standard bronze of 150,000 PSIFPM. Tensiles are 8,500 PSI versus 60,000 PSI. Also, when the threads are tapped, the pores tend to smear over stopping the oil from flowing. Wear is much more rapid than our standard bronze with conventional grease lubrication. If your loads are very small, you might get by with the powdered material. We have a few customers that use it because other part features can be included at little cost. For those customers, we supply taps for threads to fit our standard steel screw stock. These are all high volume, highly developed and tested OEM parts. For small quantity, we recommend the standard parts. (Steve Lochmoeller)