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OK, the fastest cycle time is at a lower load so in that instance we could limit the load to 9,000lbs per fork (30kip thrust) and reduce the speed to say 65rpm. That would equate to 32.5in/minute or 3 minutes to deliver pipe fully loaded. Could it then return empty at 100rpm? That would be 2 minutes to return. So on our fastest cycle if we have 6 minutes to go out and come back that leaves 1 minute to roll pipe onto the forks. Or do anything else. Under full load (15,000lbs pipe load per fork) we have about a 10 minute cycle. So at 50kip thrust we could reduce the speed to. Say 30rpm. That’s 15 inches/minute or 6.7 minutes to travel 100inches to deliver a row of pipe. We could then come back. At 100rpm empty. That’s 8.7 minutes of travel time. Our total allowable cycle time is 6 minutes to 20 minutes depending on pipe size. We are going to run this with a PLC and we will have the weight of each pipe so in theory the machine could run under a PV operating curve whereby it travels only fast enough to keep up with production. It would be ideal if we basically planned to be able to run under a PV operating curve for a whole year between shutdowns. We are quoting four machines to a group who want to do a pilot project at one plant. They have a couple of dozen plants worldwide. I am hoping that we could get some budgetary numbers together this week?